Cheap Travel in Gold Coast – Australia

Cheap Travel in Gold Coast – Australia

Weather: Sunny and beautiful most of the time.
Traffic: Not too bad.
Cost: This post is about cheap travel. Food etc. is affordable/normal.
Activities: Beach! Amusement Park.


Australia was one of my last countries to visit on my travels. So, as you can imagine, most of my budget was gone. In order to save some cash, I tried to do cheap travel in Gold Coast. Enjoy reading and learning about a couple of my ideas.

Cheap travel in Gold Coast - Beach

The Beach in Gold Coast

There is one easy way to have a cheap travel in Gold Coast: Visit the beach. This is probably the least complicated activity you can get yourself into. Because the whole city is built alongside the coast. That is 36 kilometers of sandy beach.

Some corners are especially awe-inspiring, for example Snapper Rocks. From there you can watch surfers in the bay or – if you are really lucky – see whales swim by in the distance.

Snapper Rocks Gold Coast


Cheap Travel in Gold Coast’s City Center

I personally was lucky enough to meet fellow couchsurfers with a car who took me to the beautiful Snapper Rocks. If you don’t know anyone and prefer to save the money for public transport, there are other options. A very popular beach spot in the city center is Surfer’s Paradise.

Due to its central location, you can easily switch between beach bum and shopping queen. There a plenty of shops and restaurants nearby. Even cheap ones.

Surfer's Paradise Cheap Travel in Gold Coast

Where to Stay in Gold Coast – Cheap Travel

When I first arrived in Gold Coast, I had booked a hostel very close to the airport. I actually arrived late in the evening and was a little scared to walk there on my own, but it was fine. The owners were very friendly and upgraded me to a better room. If I remember correctly, I only stayed there one night, because – as you know by now – I had planned to travel cheap in Gold Coast.

For the following nights I had arranged couchsurfing. My host was a very lovely woman with her two children and boyfriend. Her place was not big or fancy at all and she sometimes had 10 different couchsurfers stay in her small living room at once. For some people staying there would have been a nightmare.

But this is why I often emphasise staying open-minded on your travels. Whilst the place was everything but fancy, the family was lovely. This woman was one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met. She did not have much herself, but her heart was so generous that even the few things she had she decided to share with people in need. That is why sometimes there were so many people.

Conclusion: The Two Things That Will Help Your Cheap Travel

To conclude my thoughts on cheap travel in Gold Coast, I will suggest two things.

Number one is walking. A lot. And everywhere. This way you will see and stumble upon a lot of things and exercise your body all at the same time. No need to buy tickets for public transport every day.

My second suggestion is to be open to couchsurfing. Of course, always be safe and don’t stay at places that make you feel uncomfortable (I actually once left a host’s place before even sleeping there – but that story is for another post). Whilst couchsurfing in Gold Coast, I found kind people, fellow travelers to explore the city with and a friendly group of people to cook and have dinner with. All without spending any money. I would not have had those experiences had I decided to stay in a hostel.


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