Exploring Rome’s Countryside

Exploring Rome’s Countryside

Weather: Usually warm and sunny, but we picked a partly rainy weekend.
Traffic: Well, Rome. Public Transport worked out great for us.
Cost: Affordable. You can find pricey and cheap for most things.
Activities: Historical Sites, Vatican, Museums, Coast, Countryside (hikes, tours)

The City of Rome

We have family in Rome’s countryside and had planned to visit for a long time. In the end we chose a weekend trip in May. The weather wasn’t as nice as it should have been, but that’s okay. Because we still had a lovely, relaxing time.

First off we landed very early in the morning in Rome and had a little bit of time on our hands to explore. Since we both had already seen the city a couple of times before, we didn’t feel the need to rush from landmark to landmark. So, our journey began in a pretty cute park up on a hill called Villa Borghese.

Villa Borghese in Rome

Travelling To The Countryside of Rome

After some walking through nearby streets, we decided to get lunch, before making our way to the family home in the countryside. For us it’s always great getting out of the city, because we live and spend most of our time in a pretty big one. The journey took one hour and a half. I couldn’t help thinking about how a lot of people seem to take this long a trip to commute to work and back home every day. 3-4 hours – that’s crazy! But with high rents in the city, this might be the only option.

Small streets in Italian countryside

Caprarola in Rome's Countryside

First Impressions of Rome’s Countryside

The historical town we stayed at, Caprarola, had a beautiful lake nearby. Unfortunately it started raining soon after we arrived, but we took a little walk nonetheless. We even encountered a shepherd with his herd.

Everything looked so lush and green, it almost reminded me of Ireland. So, I assume in this particular area it rains a bit more than in Rome itself.

We also highly recommend taking a stroll through the gardens of Villa Farnese if you ever end up in Caprarola. It was a truly beautiful hidden gem.

Hiking in Rome's countrysideHiking in Rome's countryside

Lake in Rome's countryside

Cave And Rome’s Beach

One day we did a road trip and explored a stalactite cave. Well, as much as you can explore on a guided tour, but it was interesting and we saw a bunch of bats. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name or area. I will link it here if I ever find out.

Almost back home we decided to take a little detour to Rome’s seaside. We always love stopping by at the ocean. This time we were even lucky enough to witness a romantic sunset whilst eating a bag of chips.

Rome's countryside

Beach Rome

Altogether it was a truly lovely trip. Next time we will probably try to stay longer in this beautiful country. But you know…we have our apartment and work to take care of. However if you ever end up in Rome and have a little bit of time on your hands: Please do yourself a favour and venture out to Rome’s countryside. I’m sure you won’t regret it.


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