Holidays in Barcelona

Holidays in Barcelona

Weather: Sunny.
Traffic: Seems okay. Most things walking distance. Cheap Public Transport.
Cost: Pretty normal. Try to book your accommodation early to save money.
Activities: Beaches. Swimming in the sea. Hiking along the coast. Architecture.

I went on Holidays in Barcelona alone. If you have ever wondered what on earth people get up to travelling on their own, this post might enlighten you.

Holidays in Barcelona, Costa Brava

My Accommodation Was A Fail

First off, I chose my destination rather spontaneously and therefore had to book my Airbnb when the prices were already pretty high up. The one I ended up with was basically a shared apartment with friendly owners. But hell of a lot noise from the busy street next to it. The old windows were not catching a lot of that noise, so sleeping was difficult. The bathtub wasn’t exactly clean either. Just a little heads up to remember when you do your booking. At least the other people were friendly. I think they even had a cleaner.

AirBnb Barcelona

What To Do In The City

Out in the streets of the city I mainly did what most people do when they arrive somewhere they have never been before. Explore! Barcelona has a lot of cute streets, shopping and cafés. Which is always a good base in my opinion. One of the streets La Rambla has a little market, which is a tourist attraction and pretty much always there. A great place to buy souvenirs or other small gifts.

If you are up for a longer walk – I always am – you should make your way down to the beach. It may not be the most relaxing place to enjoy the ocean, but at least you get away from the traffic.

Barcelona Beach

Good Views of Barcelona

In case you are interested in getting a good view of the city, you should take the tram up to Tibidabio Amusement Park. It’s located on the hills at the edge of the city.

However that is not what I did. Because I love saving money and am not a big fan of going to amusement parks on my own. So, instead I walked up and took a little stroll around the area. Breathing in solitude and good views.

View of Barcelona from hill

Finding Good Beaches on Your Holidays in Barcelona

Above I already mentioned the beach in Barcelona. It’s a crowded place. To really enjoy my time by the sea, I tried to travel out of the city. Train tickets are super cheap, so it’s absolutely worth a shot. A lot of places along the Costa Brava looked stunning. So, it was hard to choose. The first beach I went to was in Sitges. A lovely town with small shopping streets. And unfortunately a lot of tourists at the beach.

So for my next trip I went a bit further up North and found a local village. No other tourists, but also not much else around. I can’t remember exactly where. Possibly Sant Pol de Mar.

Barcelona Sitges Beach

Hiking Along The Coast

One thing you should do on your holidays in Barcelona is hike along the coast. I honestly started just by walking North. Always staying close to the ocean. There were some truly beautiful views. The Costa Brava almost reminded me of The French Riviera in some parts. Lovely mountains and colourful beaches.

Hiking Barcelona Costa Brava

Some Additional thoughts About My Holidays

Generally Barcelona has great architecture, for example at Parc Güell. I got lost in the endless small streets several times. Altogether I must say I have had a refreshing holiday in Spain. Cool things to do, shopping, bars, beaches and great weather. Here are some additional photos I took in the city.



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