Perfect Summer On The French Riviera – Nice, France

Perfect Summer On The French Riviera – Nice, France

Weather: Usually sunny, mild winds (it’s the French Riviera after all).
Traffic: Small streets, crowded, not many parking spots. Public Transport suggested.
Sea: Mostly stoney beaches, sandy beaches available. Good temperature. Sometimes jellyfish.
Cost: A little pricey compared to other cities.
Activities: Lots of things nearby. Hiking, View points, Shopping, Boat Tours, Museums…

French Riviera, bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer


Soo… you’re looking for a warm, beautiful destination by the sea for your next holiday? Or are you more of a nomad balancing life between adventure and much needed relaxation in the sun? If either of these speak to you, we suggest you get a pen and add Nice to your list of places to go.

Car Rental In Nice (French Riviera)

Our journey began at the airport, where we tried to pick up our rental car. It was a little tricky to find because we had booked via a third party and couldn’t find the car rental’s name at first.

When we did find it, we were right away talked into getting more insurance for the car – even though we had booked full coverage already. We didn’t want to risk anything, so we went with it.

Ultimately we can not recommend renting a car in Nice. Or at least not via third party website like we did, it only causes unnecessary stress confusion and costs. We also suggest, if you do get a car, make sure it’s a small one, because the streets in Nice are narrow and you want to be able to fit any parking spot you can find. Be prepared, the city is not equipped with many parking lots.

In fact, a lot of tourists leave the car at the first parking spot they can get and use Public Transport for the remainder of their holiday. There are enough trams, busses and trains to get you from A to B.

Nice in France at the French Riviera

Exploring The City

Nice is located in the south of France and the Mediterranean Sea is right at its doorstep. The coastline begins at the airport and offers good views from the beginning. Because the city is directly by the sea, you have a number of options to create a day filled with diverse activities.

Sailing boat on French Riviera

A quick dip in the ocean after a successful shopping spree in the city center should be no problem since the two are only a couple of streets apart. Just be sure to bring swimming shoes, if you have sensitive feet (like one of us) and don’t wish to attract bewildered looks while dancing your way to the water. However, it’s no problem at all if you don’t own any. The locals are well aware of their rocky beaches and sell these shoes for a reasonable price at most touristy shops.

Historical Town, Waterfall And Panorama

These shops are especially to be found in Vieille Ville (Old Town), a part of Nice that you should definitely visit anyhow. Its small streets are filled with shops, markets and restaurants. Overall it creates a pretty romantic vibe and also leads you to another worthy attraction: Parc de la Colline du Château. A beautiful waterfall on a hill with a great city panorama.

We found that this place was a bit crowded though, and would like to suggest something not all too far away as well. It’s a hill between Nice and the neighbouring village, called Parc du Mont Boron. We went there by car and were surprised to find free and plenty of parking spots. As well as very few other people – but that might just have been our timing, who knows. We hiked a little bit through nature and enjoyed breathtaking views of the French Riviera and its mountains.

 French Riviera

Exploring Nature

Taking a look at the map you can already see that there are a couple of national parks close by. For people like us, who love hiking and exploring nature, one of them had to be visited. We decided that Le Broc looked quite promising, with its lake at the bottom of the mountains.

Lac du Broc Nice France

However, our journey began at the mountain top, where we struggled to find a path away from the street and into nature. After walking around for a while and almost giving up we were lucky though and found a small path.

There was no other human being. A very refreshing experience after being surrounded by too many tourists in busy Nice. Not only was it quiet, but it also offered phenomenal views. We were already pretty happy with our trip then but still made sure to stop by at the lake Lac du Broc as well. And let us tell you, it did not disappoint. Free parking, no swimming and lots of opportunities to take amazing photos.

 French Riviera

Le Broc hiking in Nice France



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