Road Trip in Sri Lanka

Road Trip in Sri Lanka

Weather: Warm, humid. Rain season around August. Best time to go is March.
Traffic: CRAZY. Don’t be part of it, unless you have to.
Sea: Beautiful beaches. Currents in some areas.
Cost: Inexpensive, especially in non-touristy areas.
Activities: Road trip in Sri Lanka, nature, safari, train ride

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Traffic – What To Expect on A Road Trip in Sri Lanka

Be prepared for your road trip in Sri Lanka. Driving in Europe is easy and well-regulated. Traffic in Sri Lanka is not. You drive on the left side of the road. And that seems to be about the only active rule. Everything else is regulated via honking. From ‘Coming from the right’ to ‘Go faster, dude!’ or ‘Oh, I know you, hello!’. A quick double honk can mean any of these. Therefore it gets very noisy on the road.

So, if you tend to get stressed easily in traffic, get a driver or take the bus. Although it needs to be noted here that especially the bus drivers appear to be the most reckless ones.

However it’s not just the cars. Anyone and anything uses the roads to get to their destination. This can be humans carelessly crossing, cows walking home or monkeys getting lost.

Cows on Road Trip in Sri Lanka

Buying Food on A Road Trip in Sri Lanka

Although this may seem like an odd topic, it’s relevant. Sri Lanka is not equipped with big super markets. There are a few small ones however, which will have all necessary supplies on stock. What we have found to be a very common and handy way of shopping on our road trip in Sri Lanka is small market-like huts by the road. These mostly offer fresh fruits and vegetables, but also other things. Just make sure to say no to plastic bags 🙂

Going On A Safari in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country with a lot of preserved nature. In order to make the most of it, you should consider planning a few trips here and there.

First of all, let’s have a look at Yala Nationalpark in the South of the country. Already on the way there, we encountered bulls and drove past elephants. The latter however were within the perimeter of the large National Park.

Because we had some time on our hands after arriving at the hotel, we went for a swim in the river next to it. Locals and the hotel owners said it was safe, but later it turned out that sometimes crocodiles do like to come there. We stayed close to some rocks in the river just to be safe. Still, what a scary thought, but luckily there were none when we went for a swim.

We went to bed early that night due to the truck picking us up for the safari at 4:30 am the next morning.
Overall the safari was a very unique experience. It lasted about 6 hours and included a breakfast by the sea with an amazing view. Mostly we encountered crocodiles, deer, buffalos, monkeys, elephants and a leopard. We also got close to seeing elephants from only a few meters away, but there were quite a few other trucks in the way.

At this point I should probably point out that the number of trucks was a bit of a vibe killer. Whenever one guide found an interesting animal, all the trucks in the area came rushing by to see it as well. This obviously scared some animals away. Most of the time the guide was just driving aimlessly, but even that was enjoyable.

Safari on a Road Trip in Sri Lanka

Yala National Park Sri Lanka

Sleeping In A Clay House By The Beach

Whilst looking for interesting places to stay on our road trip, we came across a place where you can sleep in a clay house. Right in front of the sea. We definitely had to try this out, especially because of the great view. It was a beautiful area and the staff was friendly. However the downside of it all was the noise of the ocean. A few hundred meters away the waves were breaching against rocks. Inside the clay house you could hear a massive echo of this, which made it hard to fall asleep. Nevertheless we still recommend the place because it was just too beautiful. The one we stayed at was called Sea View Clay House in Hiriketiya.

Road Trip in Sri Lanka Beach

Road Trip in Sri Lanka Clay House

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A Few Fun Facts About Sri Lanka

Waste collection does not exist in the country side. So, what residents to instead, is just burn their rubbish. Mostly people consume fresh food and generally there is a lot less waste around products than we are used to. Occasionally plastic gets burned as well though, which surely can’t be good for the air.

There also is another common way to recycle food waste. Placing leftovers of fruit on a small wooden stand in front of the house. Soon after birds stop by to finish it off.

On a totally different note, I would like to suggest visiting one or two turtle hatching shelters in Bentota. Due to natural enemies locals have created shelters for hurt turtles that had gotten caught up in fishing nets. They also provide a save environment for baby turtles that are about to hatch from their eggs. To be honest, we were not sure about the size of some of the tanks in comparison to the grown turtles in it, but overall it seemed to be a good cause and the little hatchlings were just too cute.

Road Trip in Sri Lanka Sea Turtle


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