Road Trip To Slovenia

Road Trip To Slovenia

Starting The Road Trip To Slovenia

This is a short article about my road trip to Slovenia with two friends. The journey started in Verona, Italy. From there we first headed West to get to Milan. Where we hit some crazy traffic but made our way to Slovenia eventually. It took us almost 3 hours to cross the Slovenian border. But once we got there the stunning landscape made up for the hectic ride.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures of the trip. But a blog post without images? Not on this website! So, instead I will insert free images and credit the artists.

Mountains Slovenia
Photo by Neven Krcmarek

Capturing The Beauty

Because it was still warm outside, we made it a camping trip. Man, it’s amazing waking up in nature compared to a city. You open the tent and are immediately surrounded by trees and wildlife.

We knew it was gonna be a beautiful country even before we had started our road trip to Slovenia. So, to make sure we would take home some great memories, we packed up our GoPros.

One day we got around renting a couple of mountain bikes in the area where we stayed. Riding bikes was such a cool way to explore Slovenia’s nature. There were fun tracks to cycle on. We also managed to get some cool footage of it.

Road trip to Slovenia
Photo by Chris Yang


Already after we passed the border, we started recording the journey with our GoPros. Here is a final video that my friend created. It is a couple of years old… but we were having fun 🙂

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