5 Wild Atlantic Way Ireland Must Sees

5 Wild Atlantic Way Ireland Must Sees

Weather: Cloudy or rainy, unless you’re lucky.
Traffic: Partly narrow & winding roads. Beware!
Cost: Standard touristy attractions. Also free nature hot spots
Activities: Ocean hikes, beach, cliffs, bridges, Pubs,…

The Wild Atlantic Way is the road all along the west coast of Ireland. I have been to Ireland a few times (even lived there for a while) and love it. There is lots to see and I will definitely need several blog posts to cover all the topics. However in this post I will focus on the Wild Atlantic Way and suggest 5 things that you should not miss on your road trip.

Sunset on the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland

Bundoran Surf on Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland

A couple of years ago I went on a road trip with my brother and his girlfriend. We actually met up in Belfast and started our trip from there. But I will jump right into the topic of this blog post: The Wild Atlantic Way. So, because we came from the Northern Ireland my descriptions will go from North to South.

The first area I would like to quickly mention is Bundoran. It is a truly beautiful spot and one of the most popular surf areas in Ireland. You can also find beautiful inexpensive hostels right beside the ocean.

Crossing A Rope Bridge on The Cliffs

Plan a stop at the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge to test your courage on your trip along the Wild Atlantic Way. The bridge will lead you across the cliffs to a little piece of island. From there you can sit down and enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean or just take photos on the edge of the cliffs. The rope bridge is a very popular destination. We actually had to stand in line for about half an hour, because the bridge is a one-way-path for both entering and leaving the little island.
Make sure to plan ahead to have enough time for taking a walk around the beautiful area, too.

Rope Bridge Ireland

Visiting The Irish Town Galway

There is one famous song that you are very likely to hear several times on your trip around Ireland. You might already know it: Galway Girl. No, not the Ed Sheeran one. Even though you might hear that, too. I am talking about the 2000s classic by Steve Earle. It sounds typically Irish and will trigger a longing within you to visit that small town. What makes it so intriguing are probably its hippie vibe and small pubs around many corners. A few other great attractions are the Galway Bay and the Galway’s Latin Quarter with its charming small streets.

Cliffs of Moher – Wild Atlantic Way

You may have heard of them already: The famous Cliffs of Moher. They are a stunning chain of cliffs located south of Galway. Due to their height, there are several warnings and barriers that prevent you from getting to close to the edge. However there is a path on the left that will allow you to walk right on top of them. This is where people usually get close to the edge and take photos. I would still suggest to be very careful, since there have been a number of deaths from falling off in the past. One of the best parts about visiting the Cliffs of Moher is that it is free.

Swimming With A Local Dolphin

This has to be one of the greatest activities on the Wild Atlantic Way. Sadly I never had the chance to get to Dingle. The Dolphin, Fungie, has been living in the Dingle area and visiting the harbour for many years (around 30, I think). People and dogs have swum with her and she seems to enjoy the company. But not everyone wants to go for a swim, especially if it’s cold. That’s why there are a couple of boat tours with which you can explore the bay.

Wild Atlantic Way Ireland

Giant’s Causeway (Extra Suggestion)

The Giant’s Causeway is actually not exactly on the Wild Atlantic Way. However it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland and absolutely worth a visit. And I don’t want you to miss out on your trip to the green country. So, please do yourself a favour and put it on your bucket list. It can be crowded at times, but in return you get to witness one of nature’s great works. All whilst taking a walk alongside the beautiful coast.
Extra tip: Park your car at the side of the road and cross the field to enter the walk.

Giant's Causeway Northern Ireland

As I already mentioned at the top of this post, I could write so much more. Ireland is such a beautiful country and I will make sure to cover topics like Dublin in future posts.


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