About our travel blog

About our travel blog

We hope you enjoy our stories about the adventures that we come across on our travels.

We are a German-Sri Lankan couple from Germany.
Here comes a little photo of us, so you know who you’re dealing with.

“Follow your passion.”

That sentence definitely is one of our mottos in life. And if we were going by it without excuses, we would probably dedicate our time to one thing only: Travel. Realistically though, that’s really hard to do, when you have to work and make money as well. Instead we try to make the most of our holidays at the moment. Finding places we have never been to and exploring them as best as we can. Sure, it’s not the same as backpacking around the globe (which one of us actually did a couple of years ago, we might report on that in the future), but that doesn’t make it any less worthy. On our website you will find tips & tricks, must-sees and beautiful photos of the places we have been to.

Maybe you are even in the same situation as us and only here to find travel inspiration for your next holidays. In this case we can hopefully help you find what you are looking for.

Currently we live in Germany, therefore a lot of our destinations are within Europe. However we also love to travel further away, especially Sri Lanka, since it is one of our origins.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via the comments section or contact form.